Engineering Student Vs Parents - On Going Out

A typical scenario:


What do you think?


  • eternalthinker
    I could change the conversations of 'me' as:

    Hey mom, can I go out to town?

    Hey dad, can I go visit the Himalayas? 😛
  • Reya
    My case would be:

    Hey mom can i go out?

    she replies, yes you can! Try to come home soon 😀
  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    Do guys ever ask that? As much I know guys says

    " hey dad mon, have a special class in the evening today. Might be late!" bye
  • vishnu priya
    vishnu priya
    My case would be the same:

    Mom, Can I go out?
    Mom: hmmm hmm hmmm ok
    Dad : Ya, ve a nice time 😀
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    During my School Days in Kuwait:
    Me: Dad can I go bicycling to (Some another area a few kilometers away)?
    Dad: Why? Isn't the playground enough for recreation?
    Mom: Did you finish your homework first?

    Once I've entered the college in India:
    Me: Dad can i go out to visit the Kolli Hills with my friends?
    Dad: Where is it? Is it far away? Don't enter into the water and take care.
    Mom: Don't get into any bad habits with your friends.
  • Paul.
    The day before yesterday: -Mom, I go out!
    Yesterday: -Mom, I go out!
    Today:-Mom, I go out!
    Tomorrow: -Mom, I go out!
    The day after Tomorrow:-Mom, I go out!
    The day after the day after tomorrow:-Mom, I go out!
    - You should better stop doing this sport!

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