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cshmech • Oct 2, 2008

Engine starting and stopping..

I have a basic(silly!!) doubt about it.. When an ic engine(say 4 stroke) stops, it may stop at any position. When an engine is started, fuel supply and spark is given. But how its possible that it starts to run again in the same direction(CW-CCW)??
I mean, it should run in the same direction, but whats the mechanism which makes sure that engine runs in the same direction??
Fahad Bhatti
Fahad Bhatti • Oct 3, 2008
hi buddy!
In cars there's a starting motor which drives the engine initially and is responsible for the direction of engine's movement. The terminals of the motor are connected to the fixed terminals of a battery which makes sure that direction of rotation is always the same.
Thus every time the car starts , the motor gives the initial rotations and gives these in the same particular direction.
cshmech • Oct 3, 2008
thanx Buddy(Bhatti)😁...
flash319 • Dec 20, 2008
Also the spark is advanced of TDC therefore if it were to start backwards it would not run because the spark would be behind TDC.
Hi, at first i had this same doubt, but i heared that angles between the connecting rods of pistons, and the crank shaft will make the engine to run in only one direction, is this correct! i think its only by starting motor.

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