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Electronics Hobby Projects and Circuit Applications

Question asked by Gundam001 in #Electronics on Apr 4, 2009
Gundam001 ยท Apr 4, 2009
Hi guy,

I want to share this site to you that has a lot of hobby projects or DO it yourself projects which involved electronics in different applications...

Here are some of the Lists of Projects:

Pure Class A Headphone Amplifier
20 Watts Automotive Power Amplifier
Car Parking Sensor
Wideband TV Amplifier
300mW FM Transmitter
PLL FM Transmitter
Stereo Encoder Oversampling for FM TRansmitter
FM Telephone Transmitter
Ringing Phone Light Flashers
VO Fuel Controller
I2C Temperature Sensor
ESR Meter
Oxygen Sensor Simulator
Fluid Level Detector
Audio Clipping Indicator
RF Sensing Alarm
UHF Amplifier for TV Transmitter
Six LED Bar Power Indicator
Portable Mixers

and a lot more....

Complete with parts lists and notes for implementations.


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Posted in: #Electronics

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