Electronic Energy Meter in a Microwave


I am in a bit of sticky situation and would welcome all ideas in this regard. My client has this problem where people are, literally, frying the energy meters in their homes using apparatus that is similar to a microwave.

So, i have been given the task to find out what fault does the microwave induce in the energy meter. What i am doing i pretty simple, placing a energy meter (with battery) in a microwave for 5 seconds. What i have observed is it takes about 2-3 seconds for the meter to go dead. A spark is observed and the display goes dead after that.

After examination of the dead meter, i found out that the resistors connected with shunt and CT are fried.

I have repeated the experiment by removing the battery and the resistors, mentioned above, but the spark is still observed after 2-3 seconds and meter goes dead.

I can't seem to figure out why is the meter acting out the way it is. Any ideas?


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    Your problem is very critical but i will try to help you.

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