electrical project topics

sir i want electrical oriented topics which are latest.................so please post the topics to my email


  • gopalakrishnan91
    Re: electrical

    Why not, I am so jobless, ain't I?
    If you have a topic that interests you, you can ask about it. Then we might be able to discuss it here.
  • aj_onduty
    Re: electrical

    If you go in a hotel and just proclaim,"I am hungry and I want food", will the waiter even look at you? You need to specify what you want to eat. Only then will the waiter help you. What is your interest. I hope you are new to the scenario, and you want some knowledge regarding electrical and electronics. I can understand that, and here's the solution. In this thread, you will find a lot of posts. Go through each one of them,, and you will get the answer to the question,"what do you want? What kind of food your brain wants to eat?
    Hope you will come to a conclusion soon! 😀
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    @aj: I like your reply 😀
    sir i want electrical oriented topics which are latest.
    If you want to learn new technology first know basic from old then jump to latest..!!
    many people says BJT's are not used know, what the need to learn it??
    if you BJT then everything you learn become intersting and easier.

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