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@Ankita Katdare • 01 Dec, 2012
Electrical Engineers here can Gather!
Here is a thread dedicated to listing down and discussing all the internship opportunities in India in any city for the Summer of 2013.
Those from third year and final year can especially take advantage of this space to report and keep track of institues and companies offering internships and know where to apply and how to apply.

I am giving it a start in the next few posts. It would be great if electrical engineers come forward and start posting new options. Both paid as well as unpaid internship options have to be kept open.

Suzlon, Pune - Offers R&D internship positions to electrical engineers.
If you want to specialize in Green Energy keep checking their official website for internship applications.

Aditya Auto, Bangalore - For the role of Study & Design as well as troubleshooting management in R&D, you get to have paid internships. The location would be Bangalore.

HP Labs, Bangalore - Electrical engineers can definitely apply here. Their research areas includes - Augmentation, Sensemaking, Smart Mobile Services, Cloud Computing, Interaction Technologies etc.

Waiting for updates and replies from all of you. Please contribute.

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