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@RON_04 • 23 Jun, 2013
i am an electrical engineer and i am in my final year. i am very passionate about cars and so i want to join an automobile company. so is it possible for an electrical engineer to join a good automobile company and if it is possible what efforts should i put so that i can make it easily. please help me in this matter
@Kaustubh Katdare • 23 Jun, 2013 Welcome to CE, RON_04. I've updated the thread title to make is more relevant than 'automobile companies' and have moved the thread to Engineering Jobs & Careers section.

The best thing you can do, in my opinion is to keep check on job openings at automobile companies and see if you fit in. You will also dig out lot of information on what kind of role they're looking for. You can then channelize your efforts accordingly.
@RON_04 • 25 Jun, 2013 hello sir
thanx for the suggestion. can u suggest me some sites where i can remain updated about placements for freshers in automobile companies. it wud be a great help
@RON_04 • 26 Jun, 2013 sir please can u mention some of the sites

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