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Electric Current in Load

Question asked by Gowtham_JGR in #Coffee Room on May 4, 2012
Gowtham_JGR 路 May 4, 2012
Hi Dears,

Good Day
I have a doubt in basic electrical/electronics engineering. My Question is
Does the current depends upon the load resistance ? For example I am going to connect a stepper motor and an IC (some milli amps) parallel, here the doubt arises stepper motor needs higher current (0 to 2 Amps) than the IC.

According to Kirchoff's current law the current meeting at a node is equal to current leaving the junction in the circuit so current is separated according to Resistance am I right ? so does my IC works or booms ? when connected parallel

Could you please guide me ? I am a beginner Posted in: #Coffee Room
narayana murthy
narayana murthy 路 May 4, 2012
Rank A3 - PRO
kcl only deals with nodes so it don't deal on load
your doubt is right when load is connected in parallel current is same in all loads but voltage varies
so in electrical devices we see power not the current or voltage
and 1 thing for motors to run we need more current depending on load keeping 1 as constant that may be power
if i am wrong correct me
Gowtham_JGR 路 May 5, 2012
Thanks Narayana Murthy the power of stepper motor is high current, flowing through also high about 1to2 Amps do I need to design another circuit to connect the IC parallel to the Stepper Motor ?

The IC I am going to connect is 4 input NAND Gate IC does it go crazy ? any ideas ?
I have designed some circuit for reducing voltage yesterday night but I am not sure it can be used also for current ? going to try with Multisim tonight! Good Day

Comments are welcome 馃榾
narayana murthy
narayana murthy 路 May 6, 2012
Rank A3 - PRO
As my personal view multisim sometimes gives wrong calc in my project i am experienced lot of problems with it.
If your most familier no problem continue any doubts we are always here for you
Gowtham_JGR 路 May 9, 2012
Thanks 馃榾

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