As Eid is around here in a day or 2.But still here in my office its in doubt,whether its today or tommorow.

In fact I am waiting for a holiday...he he....

That brings me to a doubt..in fact scientific doubt.

Eid is based on the observance of moon..Then why is it so doubt that whether its today or tomorrow.

Scientist working for observation of celestial objects can even predict ,the position of comets ,sunrise ,sunset...etc....Then why is it in doubt to decide the particular day of eid..??

In saudi ,if its today...Then here it would be tommorow...??why???moon is the same whatever angle we seee..??

Or is there anything deep in the religious custom??


  • durga ch
    durga ch
    😛 astronomy. like you have time zones, i beleive the so called date when the moon can be seen as well varies. like in Sydney Eid is on 30/08/2011 AST where as as per IST its 31/08/2011.
    See it this way. IST is 14 hrs ahead of American Standard time and 5 hrs behind AST(Australian standard time)
    I don't know about the religious considerations here 😀
    The Burz Khalifa building will celebrate Eid latest in whole world because the people living there will see the sun 2 minutes longer! I read it somewhere.

    I also don't know the religious considerations here.

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