ECLECTIC 2012 at Mandasaur Institute of Technology, Mandasaur on Mar 20, 2012

ECLECTIC 2012 is a Technical Fest orgainzed by Mandsaur Institute of Technology.
There are various technical and non technical events held for students.


Code Treasure:
Treasure code is a game based on C/C++ programming languages.This event is similar to treasure hunt.At each level you will be given a program, which contains some errors or bugs. After solving the program and executing it, you get hint for the next level.

Web Designing:
This is a competition for the participants to design the website on spot by given resources in given span of time.

WiTricity, a portmanteau for "wireless electricity",referring to their devices and processes which use a form of wireless energy transfer including resonant energy transfer etc., the ability to provide electrical energy to remote objects without wires using oscillating magnetic fields.

Assembly Mania:
Assembly of 4-stroke engine of any bike in a given specific time.

Sumo Wrest:
A match is fought between two autonomos robots, in accordance with the game rules where each team competes on a Dohyo.

Apart from these, there are various Cultural and Sports events. Then there are various Lectures, Exhibitions and Workshops held for students.

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