• Professors from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay are on their way to develop e-dog which is an ultra-sensitive low cost explosive detector. This e-dog will be able to sense the traces of Royal Demolition explosive (RDX) from a distance of 1.5 feet, which the existing machines are unable to do.

    The e-dog consist of e-nose which will have a sensor made from cantilever, a nano material, which will be stronger than olfactory powers of any actual dog and will be 200 times thinner than human hair. V Ramgopal Rao, chair professor at the department of electrical engineering, IIT Bombay and principal investigator at institute’s centre of excellence in nano particle revealed this at Chandigarh Science Congress (CHASCON) at Punjab University on Wednesday.


    Recently, we came across many terrorist attacks and many bomb explosions in India. So, Prof. V. Ramgopal said that e-dogs can be used to detect explosives at places like bus stations, airports, railways stations before they explode and also said that the system showed positive results for the experiments carried out in their laboratory. This device can detect Improvised Explosive Device (IED) or RDX in any of the three states solid, liquid or gas. The device is very easy to use and one year maintenance free. It has rechargeable Li-Po battery and will be available in market after two years.

    I think this an amazing technology brought by IIT Bombay professors and will be extremely useful in crowed area to detect explosives. India will be the first country to use this technology. So, what do you think about that? Suggest in your comments below.

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