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hbk • Jul 2, 2008

drop down menu based on form input


I am developing an application using PHP/MySQL.

here, i have one page(say P1), which contains a form(just one drop down menu, say D1, with only 2 options , say O1 and O2)...

the target of P1 is another page, say P2.

Now, P2 is also a form, and contains a number of fields (all text fields)...


P2 also contains a drop down menu.
Now, this is not a static drop down menu.

If, on P1, the user selectes O1, then a particular drop down menu is displayed on P2.(say D2)

If, on P1, the user selects O2, then another drop down menu is shown (say D3)

Both D2 and D3 are different from D1.

I have coded this, but it shows me errors. I guess i may be mixing HTML and PHP code at some place, but am unable to figure it out... pls help me out if u can...

I am posting the code i developed...





Name: ID: } else { Test : } ?>

please help me out...

hbk • Jul 2, 2008
one possible solution to this is:

If on P1, the user selects O1, i direct him to page Pa.php, which contains the drop down menu D2.

Instead, If on P1, the user selects O2, i direct him to page Pb.php, which contains the drop down menu D3.

though this is a possible solution, it also involves a problem.

Here, i will have to dynamically decide the target of my page P1, depending on whether the user chooses O1 or O2.

I have searched this. It is possible using javascript, but i havent found a solution to this using PHP.

So if anybody could please explani this, i would be really grateful...

thx a ton ...

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