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lovish_5 • Aug 20, 2008

Displaying amount of fuel enter in our automobiles digitally

hi, i am doing b.e in mechanical engineering and want to do a major project of making instrument which display digitaly amount of fuel enter in our automobileswhen we fill fuel in our vehicle from petrol pump.give me some suggestion
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Aug 21, 2008
There are meters available with LED indication and warning lights when fuel dips below a certain limit. I have not seen a digital fuel meter though.

Check this link CruzPro FU60 Digital Fuel Gauge/Consumption Calculator and Alarm
khooper • Dec 16, 2008
There are some tech tricks you can use to help monitor your fuel economy as you drive. I'm fooling around with a couple of devices right now.
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yeah flow meters are cool you just have to calibrate and u will know how much litre has been filled!!!
Man, I got a "kilometers left" count in my car. I'm pretty sure it depends how fast you are going, since it'll calculate it based on consumption. I sure wish it had a specific indicator on fuel consumption.
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Dec 22, 2008
Cool... what car have you got? 😎
Its a local car, Proton Satria Neo. Nothing compared to existing sport hatches in the market, but its still quite good 😀

By the way, is the aim of this project to measure discrepancies from the value shown on the petrol pump to the actual amount that was filled in the car?
shadeslayer • Dec 29, 2008
hmmm confusinnnnnnnngggggggggg

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