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Dilemma about choosing specific field

Question asked by PuneetVerma in #Coffee Room on Jun 9, 2012
PuneetVerma · Jun 9, 2012
Rank C2 - EXPERT
I am in dilemma of choosing Thermal or Design field after B.Tech.
Actually I am interested in automobile so have to carry thermal field throughout.. but some people say that you need to have good hold on some softwares too if you want to get in automobile industry.

what is your opinion about that ? Posted in: #Coffee Room
zaveri · Jun 9, 2012
Rank A3 - PRO
actually the automobile field is a wide field requiring specialists of all kinds.

it depends on what you are really interested in.

if you are really interested to take up thermal, then you might get to design engines and air-conditioners in the automobile field.

however if you want to study design, then it is essential for you to learn atleast one design software.

even if you choose thermal, you will have to study the software for thermal analysis, which means you will have to study a software anyway.
PuneetVerma · Jun 9, 2012
Rank C2 - EXPERT
Okay, actually I Like to join Engine Division..

By the way.. Can you please name some of softwares for thermal analysis ??

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