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Devang Sinha
Devang Sinha • May 27, 2012

Developing computer apps - C++ or Python?????

Hello.. Which is a better language for developing computer applications?? is it C++ or Python ??
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • May 27, 2012
Devang Sinha Welcome to CE.

It would totally depend on the kind of application that you want to build. Many programmers who know C/C++, Python as well as PERL, prefer Python over the rest. Here's an interesting point-to-point distinction that says why Python is better -

Python easily means less code and easy to learn.
If you are preparing to "learn" programming and are at the first stage then Python is a very good start.
On the other hand, C or C++ is a good choice if you have to jump right in and produce professional code without the overhead of an interpreted language.

Tell us the details so that fellow computer engineers will be able to help you better.
Aviskar • May 31, 2012
Many small electronics gadet's os designed on c and c++ also.. like washing machine, micro oven mobile phones software etc... so you can do many many programs on those languages.. so may be these is much better and helpful to u..😀

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