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@nilesh mate • 08 Mar, 2009
I want to design two stage gear box with helical gears. Can u help me?
@gohm • 08 Mar, 2009 Sure, would be glad to. What are your specific questions? Can you share your design so far?
@Ashraf HZ • 08 Mar, 2009 Hmm.. sounds complicated 😛 What are the stages required to design a gear box?
@SeemaRao • 08 Mar, 2009 i dnt hv any idea on dis..

SeemaRao, please make sure to refrain from using sms text when posting. thanks! Gohm
@raj87verma88 • 08 Mar, 2009
Hmm.. sounds complicated 😛 What are the stages required to design a gear box?
It is not complicated. Just follow the steps one at a time and you will have a gear box in no time. Though some information like the rpm of shaft, torque, speed reduction etc may ease the task. I guess the guy just wrote an incomplete question.
@ShrinkDWorld • 09 Mar, 2009 any one an give the advantges of helical gears😕😕
@Differential • 11 Mar, 2009 1) Smooth operations
2) Smooth teeth contact
3) Distribution of load on multiple teeth at a time. ie more than one tooth engagement at a time
4) Less noise as compared to spur gears

What else? 😀
@ankur verma • 11 Mar, 2009 less noise and distribution of load is o.k. but how can you ensure smooth teeth contact,
because if in any case slipping occurs, then teeth will get mismatched.
@g_rakesh2 • 11 Mar, 2009 what is the basic requirement for the design...
meaning where you are going to use this gear box...
@Dan68 • 06 Apr, 2009 well where you need to start is your parameters. where does the input output need to be. What forces are there involved to get an idea of the shaft size. What size will you gears be. What ratio do you need. Its really step by step and each value you set, sets the parameter of the next part. It will see measy once you have done it
@Tkelly • 07 Apr, 2009 To design gear box one should know input & output parameters.

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@RUCHI JAIN • 11 May, 2009 Please,send the data for Gear Box Design as:
1) Equipment for which it is to be design
2) Gear Box Ratio
3) space available
4) Material of construction
5) Input Power.
6) Torque
This specificatios is require to design two stage Gear Box.
Or you meet to Gear manufacturer as Elecon , Shanti Gears.
@chavanmahesh • 20 Mar, 2010 I want to design two stage gear box with helical & spur gears. Can u help me?
@Kishor Kere • 04 Sep, 2015 How to design two stage gear box....
Parameters...power to be transmitted 7.5kw
Driving machine electric motor speed 1440rpm.....driven machine spees 192rpm...
First stage gear spur and for second stage helical gear tell how to design two stage reduction gear box.

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