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25 Feb 2009

design of a robot

I want to know the various mechanisms associated with the design of a robot.the robot can pick balls of diameter 6cm and place them in the goal post of a basketball game . the receiving net is 30 cm above the ground and the robot should fit in dimenssion of a 25cm cube.plese help me.
Ashraf HZ

Ashraf HZ

05 Mar 2009
Ah, I can't believed I missed this post!

We did a basketball robot a while back. It was a biped, and it used a spring "shooter" to launch the ball up. A lot of motors were used: one to grip the ball, one to pull it up, two for biped movement, one to balance the biped, one to pull back the launcher. We used a solder sucker as the launching mechanism, and a solenoid to trigger the button.

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