Decoding SAM file

hello friends,
here's another question.
is there any method of revealing the contents of SAM file in windows
😁thanks for all your suggestions in advance.😎


  • Rahul Jamgade
    Rahul Jamgade
    Yes , there are ways to decode the SAM file at least for the password.
  • VipulPatel
    what is the method for retrieving password from SAM file
  • coolsam

    I am Sam and also would like to know it's possible

    Looking forward for your reply
  • vishalhak
    Of course, I am very keen to know what is behind SAM😎
  • Rahul Jamgade
    Rahul Jamgade
    Of course, I am very keen to know what is behind SAM😎
    The SAM database stands for Security Account Manager and its stores the password for all the local users on windows system. It is also called as SAM database. You can use many tools that can help you to retrieve password from the SAM database such as Ophcrack. You need to boot from live CD or from different OS than the OS for which you are trying to retrieve the SAM file as the file is locked for the running OS and could not be accessed.
  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    Actually, the passwords will be stored in Plain Text or at least encoded ones, which can be decoded, as the Google Chrome uses your login password as the Master Password! 😀 Check out the Chrome source code to find something by which you can get the password in plain text during runtime of the OS! 😉

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