Data slection based on multiple conditions

hi frnds.

this is something which may seem foolish to ask, but i have been beating my head against the wall at the frustration of not being able to get over this...

anyways, what i want to do is to select some data from a single MySQl table, using a WHERE clause on multiple columns


I have tried using (),AND as well as comma between the different conditions, but they all give an error.

please help...



  • yudi
    Re: data slection basd on multiple conditions

    try using OR operator coz as per my knowledge
    different conditions in where clause are seperated by OR operator......
  • esakiraja
    Think this below eg will help u...

    Eg: select * from tablename where primarykey(column) = 'value'
    and column2 = 'value'
    and column3 = 'value'
  • Itanium
    select * from table
    where col1 = 'value1' and
    col2 = 'value2' and
    col3 = 'value3';

    this should be the query if all the columns are holding string data.
    If any column is holding numeric data, then you dont need to specify the value within quotes.

    Can you post your exact code for us to analyse ?

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