Data recovery software - Might be of help!

Hi all,

Just yesterday i had unknowingly formatted my external hard drive! (that is 450 GB of data which includes office works, personal stuff, music, movies and all). I was shocked like anything - till i got a software to recover the data - Recuva. It recovered all the deleted files from the hard disk, I couldnt believe it.

Just thought to share it with all, just in case any of you face such situations. You can recover any deleted data as long it is not over-written. I have two softwares for this purpose (2nd one is a demo version which can only recover files upto 64kb in size)



  • Reya
    @Makru:Thanks for sharing the information!I too recovered my data using data recovery software after my system got crashed😀
  • itchap
    Can we recover the data when hard disk is crashed??
  • makru921
    I think once the sectors get corrupted, the chances of recovery through software is minimum.

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