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@gowthamanbu • 03 Aug, 2012
Which is the best service provider for Data card? Also mention the tariff rates of Tamilnadu. I Cant get exact answer in Google!!
@Abhishek Rawal • 03 Aug, 2012 • 2 likes Datacards sucks .. trust me ... I have used Reliance, photon+, MTS .. each & every ISP failed to give me desired result. So, I switched back to BSNL Night UL plan ....
By the way, its ofcourse your choice to decide whether you want to go for datacard or not .... But IMO its better to go for BSNL combo plans ... its pretty fast (2MBps Downlink hence 256 kbps DL speed .. not bad .. I download almost 4.8 GB of data everynight i.e. between 2am to 8 am)
But if you want data-card, I prefer you to go for Photon+ ... Lot better than Netconnect+ & MTS.
Well, Datacards have schemes like "upto 5GB 3.1 MBps .. after 5GB 144 KBps" lol that is pathetic😁
@Kedar Malwadkar • 03 Aug, 2012 Same here, using Tata Photon+.
it's good enough and better than other ones!
but the "unlimited plans" are just crap. After you reach your data limit, it just sucks!
@[Prototype] • 03 Aug, 2012 I use BSNL EVDO unlimited plan. 2Mbps download, upload is pathetic like 60 kbps. However, I cannot complain, as my monthly rental is only Rs.600..😁

But yes, its a datacard and speed highly depends on the area. Luckily I get the max. possible speed in my area.
@gowthamanbu • 03 Aug, 2012 Many of my friends suggested Reliance but here photon+. Why photon+ than reliance?😉

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