Cyber security jobs in India are making a comeback!

Expect rise in the cyber security jobs in India in coming days. Big IT companies in India - viz. TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant and others may soon begin looking for cyber security experts & ethical hackers. TCS's ex-CEO, Mr. S Ramadorai, who currently heads NSDA aka National Skills Development Agency has said that the demand for security experts is expected to growing coming days. He believes hiring and training young professionals to work in the domain is the need of the time.

The number of cyber attacks has gone up significantly in the recent times - hackers from China & the United States have become more sophisticated in the quality of their attacks. It's been found that an average cyber hacker remains undetected for about 400+ days. Big Internet companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo and others have already began offering huge prizes for reporting security bugs in their systems.

The bigger question is - preparedness of the people who want to make a career in cyber security. Be aware that you'll need a special training - going much beyond the so called 'ethical hacking' courses which have mushroomed in every corner. The salaries in the domain will always be higher than the regular IT jobs - provided the candidates know the job.

If you are an aspiring ethical hacker or want to make a career in the cyber security domain; I'd strongly advise you to keep updating your knowledge and start reading as much as you can about computer security.


  • Rahul Jamgade
    Rahul Jamgade
    As per Union ministry of information technology, we require 5 lakh Cyber Security professionals by 2015.
  • Bhargavi A Kulkarni
    Bhargavi A Kulkarni
    As per Union ministry of information technology, we require 5 lakh Cyber Security professionals by 2015.
    Oh thats a great news for aspiring candidates. I'm currently pursuing a course in Ethical Hacking, are there any other measures to be taken for a successful career in Cyber Security?

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