cv transmission

am a new ce member , i am building an ic car with a 3.2 cc diesel engine
and a cvt (continuously variable transmission ) i have the following problems
the cvt is pulley based
1 how does the pulley move back once it has expanded
2 what is the optimum pulley angle for such a small size i get the belt made or is commercially available
4 the car dimensions are 1. chassis width 12cm
2. engine is 3.2 cc 10,000- 8000 rpm
3. output rpm is 2000
4. shaft dia is 6.5 mm


  • einstein89
    why do u want cvt?😒
  • regingeorge
    Why u want CVT?
  • khooper
    CV transmission is just as important to the hybrid experience as the addition of an HV battery and electric motor. The smooth uninterrupted application of power throughtout the entire speed range is fabulous. During our test drive of the TCH, I was trying to explain to my wife what the CV transmission does. To make it obvious, right have the TCH test drive we took out a regular Camry.

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