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CrazyEngineers Rapid Fire Quiz Contest Question-Set #1

Question asked by Ankita Katdare in #Brainy Puzzles on Nov 27, 2014
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare · Nov 27, 2014
Rank A1 - PRO
Since many of you requested for the questions asked in the Rapid Fire Quiz. Here we go -

(Question): 3488437_JN37P
This formula represents
(A): Newton's First Law of Motion
(B): Newton's Second Law of Motion
(C): Newton's Third Law of Motion
(D): None of the above

(Question): This man invented one of computer's input devices.
(A): Peter L. Jensen
(B): Douglas Engelbart
(C): Steve Wozniak
(D): Shiva Ayyadurai

(Question): Lexus is a car brand from which country?
(A): Germany
(B): Italy
(C): USA
(D): Japan

(Question): How many bytes are there in 1 MB?
(A): 1,024
(B): 1,04,85,760
(C): 10,240
(D): 10,000

(Question): For transferring between rotational and linear movement or force a helical structure is used. It's called _____?
(A): Lever
(B): Screw Thread
(C): Cam
(D): Link

(Question): How many inches are there in a mile?
(A): 66,360
(B): 63,360
(C): 36,360
(D): 30,360

(Question): If Google has Goggles, who owns "Point & Find"?
(A): Nokia
(B): Lenovo
(C): Canon
(D): Sony

(Question): In electrical engineering, the unit of power is Watt. It is defined as -
(A): one joule per second
(B): one ampere per second
(C): one meter per second
(D): one decibel per second

(Question): The company "Garmin" is famous for what type of technology?
(A): Seismic Instrumentation
(B): Gas Analysers
(C): Global Positioning Systems
(D): Sound Wave Measurement

(Question): Bar, Pascal, Pieze, Torr are the units to measure which one of the following?
(A): pressure
(B): work
(C): power
(D): radiation

(Question): Which automobile company was founded by Henry Leland?
(A): 3488437_QPXRQ
(B): 3488437_CAG9D
(C): 3488437_GGEFN
(D): 3488437_MMXXN

(Question): On average, "Sea Water" has a salinity of about ____?
(A): 0.35%
(B): 3.35%
(C): 2.35%
(D): 1.35%

(Question): A rhombus is a parallelogram with ___ equal sides
(A): 2
(B): 8
(C): 4
(D): 6

(Question): Microsoft has a software dedicated for creating flow charts and diagrams. It is named as ________.
(A): Microsoft Power Point
(B): Microsoft Visio
(C): Microsoft Excel
(D): Microsoft Outlook

(Question): 3488437_JT9RF
This device used in electronic circuits was invented by?
(A): Max Planck,
(B): Werner Hesisenberg
(C): J. Robert Oppenheimer
(D): Ewald Georg von Kleist

(Question): The answer to log [base 10] 1000 is _____.
(A): 3
(B): 10
(C): 30
(D): 100

(Question): Which real-life entrepreneur was used as an inspiration for the character of 'Iron Man' by John Favreau?
(A): Elon Musk
(B): Richard Branson
(C): Steve Jobs
(D): Ratan Tata

(Question): Which 'Gas Law' relates temperature and volume?
(A): Boyle's law
(B): Charles' law
(C): Gay-Lussac's law
(D): Avogadro's law

(Question): 3488437_XYYKG
This is the mascot in the logo of a brand related to _____ .
(A): Printers
(B): Audio equipment
(C): Oil paints
(D): Tires

(Question): Sublimation is the process of direct change from -
(A): Solid to gaseous state
(B): liquid to gaseous state
(C): gas to liquid state
(D): none of the above

(Question): Which of the following is an unit of work?
(A): Newton meter per second
(B): One meter per newton
(C): Newton meter square
(D): One Newton meter

(Question): Efficiency of a machine is the ratio of:
(A): Total energy to total power.
(B): Power output to power input.
(C): Power input to power output.
(D): Total work done to total energy.

(Question): 3488437_4PY33
If you are standing in this place, you are near which river?
(A): Yangtze River
(B): Colorado River
(C): Nile River
(D): Ganga river

(Question): Which engineering software uses the .DGN file extension?
(A): Autocad
(B): Solid Edge
(C): Catia
(D): Microstation

(Question): Jan 2014 - NASA reports that its second Mars rover is still operational - The first rover was called "Spirit" - what is the name of the second rover?
(A): Opportunity
(B): Curiosity
(C): Discovery
(D): Endeavor Posted in: #Brainy Puzzles
Priyanshi Rastogi
Priyanshi Rastogi · Oct 17, 2018

Can answers to these questions be provided ??

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