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CrazyBoy's QA Concepts: Testing advice for rookies

Question asked by Anil Jain in #Software Testing on Jul 28, 2009
Anil Jain
Anil Jain · Jul 28, 2009
Rank A2 - PRO
As suggested by admin, I am going to start a thread dedicated to the Software Testing. In this thread I will be explaining a few topics that may help a rookie tester to jump start his career in testing. Explaining these things is always a debatable topic. Whenever and wherever you think that you have a question, raise your questions and I am open for any discussion.

As a rookie or novice, first question that punched our head is:

I am getting a testing profile 😔 Is it worth starting career in Testing?
CB - Beleive me, In a software lifecycle, Testing is as important as development or any other activites are. You can very well pursue / start your career in testing. All you require is zeal to do your task smartly and effetively.

Then, comes the questions what testers do in software testing and the actual work that they perform. Here I am giving a few tips that would be helpful in starting the Testing concepts.

Application knowledge
To Test anything you need to be very clear about the understanding of the requirements. If you test without proper knowledge of the requirements, you will end up missing something. Clear knowledge of requirements, before starting testing, is a must for any tester.

Domain knowledge
You should have domain knowledge.

Never Assume anything In Testing
Don’t start testing with any assumption, that there will be no errors. As a tester, you should always be looking for errors. I have seen cases where a whole software system failed because tester assumed that there will not be any bug in the soecifc area.

Update your knowledge
Old testing concepts still play a vital role in day-to-day testing, but try to introduce new testing procedures that are becoming popular in industry. My 2 cents for testing folks are, don’t rely on bookish knowledge. Be practical. Your new testing ideas may work amazingly for you. Industry had always seen the person who go out of box proved himself as a good tester.

No Bug Free Application
No matter how much testing you perform, you can’t guarantee a 100% bug free application. Try to explore as many bugs as you can, but prioritize your efforts on basic and crucial functions. Put your best efforts doing good work. DO NOT THINK THAT YOUR WORK IS OVER IF YOU HAVE TIME.

I always suggested to my juniors while doing testing that don’t think that you are a technical guy. Think like you are a end users who is using the application. May be you can also try thinking beyond your end users. Try to put yourself in end users shoe and think how an end user will be using the application. Technical plus end user thinking will assure that your application is user friendly and will pass acceptance tests easily.

Try finding Logic
As a end user its easier to find a defect, as a technical guy try finding the logic which may have produced the defect. If you have these two qualities that makes you a perfect tester. Its easy to find a defect however quality testing comes when you file that defect with a logic that may have produced the defect.

Learn From Mistakes
Humen being do mistakes. If we don’t do mistakes, we are not testing hard enough! Human learn things with experience. Use these mistakes as your learning experience. Try not to repeat the same mistakes.

I tried to explain a few things which may help a rookie tester to jump start his career in testing. Posted in: #Software Testing
Radhika Deshpande
Radhika Deshpande · Jul 29, 2009
Rank B2 - LEADER
Re: CrazyBoy's QA Concepts: Testiing advice for rookies

Thats so cool.Very true.

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