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abimaks • Apr 2, 2008

Counter Weight Issue

hello eveybody....
I'm abhijeet from bangalore n i've jus joined CE ... m hoping i can add value to the work u guys are putting in while gettin some valuable inputs on the stuff i do as well.

as a person i believe in simple solutions n for now m looking at some kinda counter weight funda to allow a 40kg frame measuring 3' by 5' and fixed on one side with heavy duty industrial hinges ... the frame needs to b lifted to a 45degree angle ... from a normal position (horizontal)one ... coupla points to b noted 1. Its a delicate thing needs to open n close some 200 times in an hour.

Currently we use a 15 kg frame which one guy lifts n brings down .... we need a counter weight of some sort to assist him with the extra weight of the new frame.
Dhanareds • Apr 18, 2009
Dear Abhijith.

Can u kindly be a little more detailed regarding the practicality of the situation.What kind of a frame is it ? Why does it need to be lifted so often? For a counter weight funda to be implemented it is necessary to know the location and feasibilty of implementation of the idea. It can be designed according to the location and work. I dun think its so difficult. u can just use an over-head pulley counterweight system type too.. using which u can lift the 40 kg easily.😀

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