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richmond515 • Oct 3, 2008

Corrosion control in the 3rd world countries

How can the 3rd world control corrosion in a cheper and easy way,becouse in my country GHANA it is cousing a lot of damages.
Dr R.T.Jadhav
Dr R.T.Jadhav • Feb 3, 2009
Please specify - corrosion of what? Different methods are there for different materials. Also for underground structures, special methods are used.
strider6 • Feb 12, 2009
corrosion is sometimes a complex issue and can cause huge loss of money, and sometimes also life..
try this site:
COST OF CORROSION: In the U.S.A. $276 billion/yr
it's the best source on the web on cost related to corrosion and to corrosion control methods..
hoep this can help u

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 12, 2009
gohm • Feb 15, 2009
also many means of corrossion control are not enironmentally friendly using toxic substances(which are not human friendly eiter).

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