Conversion: mesh no. to screen opening in mm

How to convert mesh no to screen opening in mm? Have been looking for an answer for long time but with no success.


  • babie_mo_ko16
    I think there is a Tyler Screen series Table wherein, the mesh number has a corresponding screen opening or apperture in inches or centimeter. They are mostly used in the industry of sieving, i think. Unless there are other methods available..

    The Tyler Screen Table can be found in any unit operations book..

    Hope this helps.. 😀
  • Dil Jala
    Dil Jala
    1 mesh size means... 1 opening in a linear inch
    1 inch=25.4mm
    1 openings in 25.4 mm
    1/25.4 opening in 1mm
    0.03937 openings in 1mm

    so there u have converting unit

    when ever u have a mesh size multiply it by 0.03937 and u have tht in mm

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