contraptions!!!! help needed!

Help needed with contraptions

m a 2nd yr btech student of nit kurukshetra.. i need some help regarding the topic contraption. i want to knw about the differnt energy conversions tht can be used in making a contraption and how these conversions can b utilized in triggering the steps. pls give some advice on how to make it and where can i find information about it?? plsss help!!!


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Threads merged. No point in posting the same text in different threads.
  • gauravsingla01
    plzz nybody reply!!!
  • gohm
    we need a lot more details on your project in order to assist.
  • gauravsingla01
    energy conversion

    help needed on how to convert elctromagnetic energy into mechanical.. like operating a motor, turbine etc..(pls suggest some simple ways which can easily be perfprmed)
    also could anyboby pls tell me some simple ways to convert chemical enrgy to mechanical... there shuld not be any explosion.. pls help!!1
  • gauravsingla01
    there is a track which is 50 cm long and 20 cm thick.. at the end of this track there is an elevated track having length 30cm and height 10cm.. At his height dere is a hole.. the challenge is to put the ping pong ball in the hole.. using steps utilizing different energies like mech, elctrical, sound etc..
    one such step can be dominoes or it can be rotating a fan with a motor which pushes a ball or sumthng..
    actually i want to get simple ideas on how to convert differnt energies into one another.. and some simple steps which can trigger the next steps.. the task is to be completed in 15-20 steps..
  • Dan68
    Re: Help needed with contraptions

    Potential to kinetic
    kenetic to heat
  • Anil Jain
    Anil Jain
    I was a regular participant of contraption event a few years back when I was @ NIT, Nagpur.

    Use simple ideas and more steps, try more energy conversion and explain everystep in terms of energy conversion only. This is the only magic behind winningthe contraption events.

    Some basic ideas I used.

    1. Used a pile of cassets which was hit using a pendulam which was released after burning its thread from a candle,

    2. Used a motor/rotating fan which was started by completing the connection (I completed the connecting using water at my time.)

    3. Used a pump system to roll a ball

    4. Used sound (sound of song from computer, from this step I started my contraption.) sensor which completed the circuit and initiated my contraption.

    Arrange a few steps from the above list add a few from your ideas and you are good to go.

    -Crazy 😁
  • AdineWat
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