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Computing internship in the USA, any advice from you Pro's? :)

Question asked by deucalion0 in #Internships on Oct 9, 2010
deucalion0 · Oct 9, 2010
Hey guys, I have been researching online for summer work in the computing field in the USA for next summer 2011. I live in Scotland and have the organisation part at my end figured out, I am travelling through bunac. I live in Scotland and will be finished 2nd year of my Bsc Computing degree by next May which is when I will start my summer plans.

I have registered with a ton of summer work sites and even paid a few sites registration fee's, so called organisations that will find me a summer internship in the USA, which then want top charge even more money, I have been conned in short, but I've learnt my lesson now. I was wondering if any of you huys on here would have any advice on gow a foreign student can search for and secure a summer job in the states in I.T?

I've spent two weeks on this trying to find reliable information, but the internet can be so misleading these days, as I'm sure you are all aware of.

I apologise if this kind of post is not the norm for round here, I'm just frustrated and thought I'd try my luck.

Thanks again for your input!


Ray Posted in: #Internships

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