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@moderncontrol • 26 Jan, 2009
can some one give me ideas or topics for my final year project
in computer engineering
about any upcoming technology over which i can work for my project.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 26 Jan, 2009 • 1 like Hello, have you searched the forum for ideas contributed by CEans? If not, please do so. Moreover, we are not very sure if you'll be able to work on ideas that we provide. It would help if you let us know about your areas of interest in Computer Engineering.
@Ashraf HZ • 26 Jan, 2009 Got a list here:

Up coming tech? Gotta check out the technology websites and blogs 😉 IEEE Spectrum and Popular Science is good.
@madhumurundi • 29 Jan, 2009 Hello,
Sunpots is the best topic to do project ...its an open source wel its an new thing 😕
@Kaustubh Katdare • 29 Jan, 2009 What's Sunspot?
@mansi_603 • 29 Jun, 2009 Re: Computer engineering final year project domains

Can anyone guide me with the various domains that are available to do a BE project in computer engineering?
@remshad medappil • 27 Aug, 2009 Make a AI integrated game in VC++
or do something in networking
@saloka • 14 Aug, 2010 Hi,
can any one give me ideas or topics of some interesting technologies rarely heard to my
email id <removed by admin>

I would really be very thankful to u all...
I m final year computer engg student
@sonika • 07 Sep, 2010 cn u giv me some idea abt final year project related to cryptography,networking n if u hav any other idea plz suggest me i will b vry thankful..
i m in computer engg....
@aps_2011 • 18 May, 2011 hello...even i need some new project topics for final yr project...
im in computer science....plz help
@fake_lover01 • 01 Sep, 2011 There are lot new projects in CS can you tell in which domain you need.
@simplycoder • 01 Sep, 2011 It would have been Analysis and Design of algorithms for me, any day.
See the positive points,

  • Algorithms are used on daily basis.
  • For everything either there is ready-made algorithm or we can design any algorithm.
  • There are literally thousands of algorithms based on almost every aspect(Mr. Knuth has published 4 huge,very huge, one can use them as monitor stand if he/she doesnt care for algorithms,they are that huge.)
  • Easiest application of algorithms are sorting algorithm, there is a lot of potential in this field, Bead-sort was designed in 2006!! (just 5 yrs before), you can come up with better or worse (may be worst) algorithms, but then they will be your own.
Hence Algorithms would be my project if I were in your place.
Take care.
@Maitham.k • 04 Sep, 2011 hello all my final year project was "Designing robust VoIP system with forward error correction" nice project evolve generally networking and digital signal processing
@Rupam Das • 04 Sep, 2011 Final Year Project Domain for Computer Science and Information Technology
1) Data Mining
2) Web Mining
3) E-Commerce and Web Technology, E-Learning
4) Data Warehouse
5) Social Network Apps
6) Mining Social Network Data
7) Data Generalization
8) Search and Search related Technology
9) Opinion Mining in Blogs/Posts
10) Image Processing
Image Compression
ROI, Non ROI, Wavelet, Curvelet, SPIHT, Jpeg
Image Registration
Interpolation, Rice Coding
Pattern Recognition( ANN, SVM, NN, GA, Fuzzy, SOM)
Denoising ( Weiner filtering, and other filters)

You may find most of the possible domains in following URL
@priya07 • 07 Sep, 2011 Hello Sir,
I am final year student....Can you please suggest me the recent project topics in Java?
@Reya • 07 Sep, 2011 @priya: In which domain you would like to do your project?
@Rupam Das • 07 Sep, 2011
Hello Sir,
I am final year student....Can you please suggest me the recent project topics in Java?
You can go for
1) Java with Image Processing ( Needs Swing), Especially content based image retrival
2) P2P standard implementation and rules integration ( Any work on p2p network: Algorithm implementation , security enhancement)
3) Building Facebook and Android apps
4) Spatial datamining with java. ( Go for image processing. Gives you many opportunities to learn and the output is also interesting)
@pooja nayak • 08 Sep, 2011 hello,
m doin final yr computer science.
can anyone suggest me projects on network or web. plzzzz
@Rupam Das • 08 Sep, 2011 Dont post a Post in multiple places please. In this section there are various threads. Kindly take time and read through them.
@simplycoder • 09 Sep, 2011 @Pooja: There are so many ideas available, if you need more help, then just let us know which ideas you think are good and if you have rejected some then why did you do that.
Some one might just post something that you would like, just by knowing your choice.
@pooja nayak • 09 Sep, 2011 Mostly interested in Mobile sensor network or evn video conferencing. .😀 i want something which s interactive. . 😎
v are not supposed to do projects on database. .😔 so m in search f projects on network and web. .😕
hope ul help me. .😐
@simplycoder • 09 Sep, 2011 @Pooja: If you speak Java, then google search for a JMF(Java Media Framework) API.
This should make your job pretty simple.
@Thinesh Manickam • 10 Sep, 2011 Hi, sir.. I'm Thinesh from Malaysia.. and just enrolled to final year project of my degree in software engineering.. can you suggest me any specific titles that i can pursue my project?? i'm looking forward to code my project in java or with the use of SQL server..

Looking forward for your ideas.....

@Regina Asamoah • 28 Jun, 2012 I am a final year computer science and engineering student. I need visual basic or C++ source code for video chat which also supports text chat and file transfer where the people chatting just need to be connected to the same network and do not need internet access. I also need visual basic or C++ source code for time table generation system. my email address is
@Reya • 28 Jun, 2012 This is not the right place to get the source code. We're here to help you with your doubts and guide you to proceed further.
@angelb • 03 Jul, 2012 I am a final year cs engineering student. Could anybody please suggest any project ideas in cloud computing, language processing or mobile computing domain?
Awaiting a reply. Thanks..
@GaneshJawahar • 05 Jul, 2012 Hi i'm final year student doing Computer Science...
i'm interested to do projects in web mining...
topic suggestions plz....
@priyahemnath • 11 Oct, 2015 hello sir am in final yr cse pls tel some project ideas in java and in android
@priyahemnath • 11 Oct, 2015 hello sir, am in final yr pls tel me some projects ideas in java and in android

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