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elvand • Nov 19, 2007

Com port monitor

Comport monitor is a simple and useful application monitoring PC-RS232 (COM) port .You can sent and receive bytes with this application . Also you can see bytes received in hex/bin/decimal format and sent as decimal/string format.
Download (283 KB)

  • Auto detect your PC available Com ports.
  • Change transfer baud rate between 1200-19200 .
  • Change parity / stop bit / byte size and packet size manually.
  • Events on CTS/DSR.
  • Define end of line .
  • Exchange Hexadecimal , Binary , Decimal to them.
  • Sending data to port using string mode or decimal ( character ASCII code ) mode.
  • Receiving data from port in Hex/Dec/Bin mode.
  • Free to use.
See more information on :
xheavenlyx • Nov 20, 2007
Yea biggie, dont remove them, its free prog, so useful. I was actually gonna send them a flame over why are you marketing here? then visited there site and saw most of the proggies are free. (for now?)

Anyway, does this work in vista, elvand?
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Nov 20, 2007
It seems like a useful post and it will stay on CE 😀 .

-The Big K-

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