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Sachin Jain
Sachin Jain • Mar 21, 2011

Coding for websites

Hey CEans,
I want to learn coding for websites.
I often wonder how coding for orkut, facebook was done,which languages are used ?
All these things really surprise me.So please help me find answer to my curiosity.
I need to learn them too so if you have some good link to study please tell me.
What are the steps i should follow ?
Thanks in advance..
orkut was developed using .net and facebook using php

Tutorials are available on

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
anirow • Mar 21, 2011
I think before you dive into one of those programming languages, make yourself well versed with html and javascript first and then you would be all set to learn one of those server side scripting languages.
slashfear • Mar 21, 2011
Hi Blunderboy,

You have to Know HTML , CSS and javascript for a better web design and then you can proceed to learn any web scripting languages like PHP, .net or CGI etc.... The best place to learn HTML is W3 school because those are the people who define the HTML standard 😉 so follow there website for tutorials.....

Sachin Jain
Sachin Jain • Mar 21, 2011
I know HTML and Javascript well.Infact i have learnt them from W3 schools.
I have started studying about PHP.
Thanks for your advice guys..
anirow • Mar 22, 2011
You have chosen the best programming language. PHP is easier to learn and since it is open source you do not have to pay for any thing and there are lots of resources on the web.

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