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DEP • Nov 22, 2007

CMOS checksum error

hey CEans,

i have recently got a new Seagate 160GB hdd and 512MB RAM. Am loving my PC these days but there is a little trouble. At the time of booting i get this error- CMOS checksum error-defaults loaded.
Did a bit of search and found out that the possible reason is that my CMOS battery is out now but this is only a probability while there could be other reasons also which i couldnt get.
And every time i start my system the system date is reset to 01-01-2002 because the changes that i make to the date arent reflected in the BIOS because of CMOS failure.

now can anyone tel me that how can i find out the exact reason for this CMOS checksum failure.
sai krishna
sai krishna • Dec 3, 2007
the only reason to get this error is that ur cmos battery is out.there is no other reason reason to get this error .so u just replace ur cmos battery.
engineer_vinay • Jan 14, 2008
Sorry Sai Krishna,
I think this is not only resason for this error. I have also a board which is giving this message. so, i replaced c-mos battery to new but problem is still .

Pls. inform if any other reason is.
MaRo • Jan 14, 2008
1- Type in the right values and save it.
2- If it goes wrong, try replacing the Battery
3- There is a missing or wrong placed or (should be removed) Jumper**
4- If all wrong, reload the BIOS firmware to the chip (In some computer shop or something)

**Check your motherboard manual for BIOS/CMOS options

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