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Cloud computing for a fresher

Warm greetings! I'm a B.Tech student, currently in my 6th semester holiday, next semester (7th) campus placement will be started.. While preparing my resume. I decided cloud as my area of interest.. But I just know what is could and it's overview. Is it enough? Or I should learn more. If yes where I can find the best material that helps me in understanding the concept within a month..?

I want to start my preparation from Today.

Thanks in advance!
Shweta Chauhan
Shweta Chauhan • Jun 14, 2017
You can start learning by taking free online courses from Udemy and Youtube on cloud computing, keeping a basic knowledge at least will help you in developing your interest.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 14, 2017
But I just know what is could and it's overview. Is it enough? Or I should learn more.
If cloud is your area of interest, you ought to know more. A good start would be learning about various technologies involved in cloud and then pick up the popular ones. If possible, get certified in one or two of these technologies. A certification would add value to your resume.

There's plenty of information available on the Internet. You will have to search for the technologies. Getting an overview about the technology can be done within a day; but you'll need to invest several months to gain deeper knowledge.

But before that, you need to build a solid base in programming and improve your ability to code. A certification in cloud computing may not necessarily fetch you your first job; but a solid foundation in coding likely will.

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