@darani pattu • 28 May, 2010
hi guys
can any one guide me in doing mine projects or seminar in chemical .
I require the most innovative & echofriendly project. I am in need of help from some experts in this field .
please if you have any successions related to chemical don't hesitate to share with me.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 28 May, 2010 Thread moved to project ideas and seminar topics section.

Providing you with most innovative and eco-friendly project is going to be difficult as we are not aware of your skills, experience in building projects et al. Are you considering any projects already? Do you have any ideas in your mind which you can share with us?
@Vaibhav012 • 11 Aug, 2010 hello sir/madam,
I require the most innovative & echofriendly project. I am in need of help from some experts in this field .
please suggest me any good project if any working project ideas you have.
@Voltaire • 12 Aug, 2010 • 1 like Hi
We can try to help you but you need to be more specific:
- what year are you in? This will tell us what your focus areas are
- what is your aim? Is it clean energy/green project?
- which industry? Metallurgy, pharmaceutical, petro-chem etc.
- how many pages?
- content i.e. procedures, lab results, thesis etc.
- presentation: to whom, how long etc.

Sit down and think about it for a while and get back to us
@sirishaparvathan • 25 Jun, 2011 hiii friends....
I just entered into 3/4 B.tech , chemical..
Iam very interested to do my project innovatively, but not getting any ideas related to that.
iam only chemical, no specifications. Iam interested in desinging , and process also..
So can you please suggest me some ideas related to any topic in chemical..
@Abdul Rehman Niz • 12 Sep, 2012 Hi guys i am chemical engineering 3rd year student looking for a project related with renewable energy..plz suggest me any project
@Teja Reddy • 27 Feb, 2020 • 1 like

1. Utilization Of Sludge Gas

2. Extraction Of Silica From Burnt Paddy Husk

3. Detergent Powder From Paddy Husk

4. Refining Of Used Lube Oils

5. Nicotinic Acid From Tobacco Waste

6. Paper Pulp From Groundnut Shell

7. Caffeine From Waste Tea And Coffee

8. Solar Pump

9. Extraction Of Furfural From Bagasse

10. Manufacture Of Nicotine Sulphate From Tabacco Waste

11. Cashewnut Sheel Liquid And Its Resin As Sand Core Binder

12. Chitin And Protein From Prawnshell Waste

13. Studies On Paddy Drier

14. Low Cost Viscometer

15. Cementitious Material From Rice Husk And Sea Shells

16. Glucose Syrup From Tapioca Starch

17. Cementitious Material From Rice-Husk, Sea-Shells And Clay

18. Citric Acid From Molasses

19. Rayon Grade Pulp From Banana Fibres

20. Pulp For Handboards From Arecanut Husk

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