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Celebrating Earth Day the 'Google' way: The tech giant pledges to do its bit for saving Mother Earth

A dear gift to our Earth, from the Google franchise, is what connects more than 3.2 billion people having an internet connection with a thread of love and care, pinning the core framework of green technology. Wishing Happy Earth Day, to the world, Google has announced several features that indirectly support our existence, enhancing the awareness about the mother Earth. The google Earth Day doodle shows a fox who gets scared to see the degrading climate of our Earth and decides to save it from the destruction. On the way, he meets other animals and together, they promote renewable energy and finally committing their responsibilities as simple as turning off the lights when leaving could save the world from dying.

The Google Doodle

Theming green earth in the background, if you click on the doodle the Google search feature offers you simple tips that do impart a good impact on the Earth. The tips include your earth friendly duties consisting of eating veggies and fruits, planting trees in your locality, using public transport, bicycle etc. to reduce the emission and help save what we need to. Also, if you put “Earth Day” or similar keyword search in Google search engine, it will show you related news and activities that are globally taking their shapes. For example, automatically following my preference, my search gives me what NASA and Coursera are planning to celebrate Earth Day.

Further, Google invites all to shout out for the Made with Code initiative which now has a “Code for Earth” environment to run a statement related to the Earth Day. Jointly developed with the WWF, the Ocean Agency and the Jane Goodall Institute, young girls are motivated to place the blocks and create the statement about something they care for, an integral part of our planet via this Google initiative.


Now pledging to do their own part, Google highlights their recent agenda to create environment-friendly data centers and reach 100% renewable energy powered operation centers that include both offices and data centers. According to their Environmental report, the community has done the most it can in improving their energy usage, building energy efficient computer networks, proposing new models in greening energy and much more. While we develop through ages, we are yet to see the majestic efforts from all of us to protect our motherland with the help of Google and other institutions as one big community.

Source: Google

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