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Celebrate the success of Facebook with 2 billion users

It's time for celebration, as Mark Zuckerberg congratulates the Facebook community for including 2 billion global users. It is no joke to raise the social networking platform to such a height where it got transformed into a common term for people to use in regular conversation. Also, being one of the pioneers of social interactivity, Facebook revolutionized the networking concept. How many friends do you have who are not on FB? I guess not many.

On this occasion, Facebook shares some data from their store that suggests, the community would not have been built without millions of individuals and groups that has grown together with the system itself. The statistics reveal, each day, more than 175 million people share a Love reaction and over 800 million people use like button on FB whereas More than 1 billion people use Groups every month.


To support all the loyal users coming together in one place, Facebook has rolled out some features to entertain you. One of the common but elegant features is a specially curated video for you. The video has a cartoonish flavor and has a similar approach like the “Birthday Video” that FB posts for you in your birthday. Also, you can see your video on the News Feed or by visiting

Also, Facebook does not seem to forgo the opportunity to thank each and every one having a faith on the platform. Therefore, if an affectionate post is made or a “Happy Birthday” wish is given, Facebook will take the privilege to customize a special video, thanking you. They are also giving credits if you create a group.

On good adds up, Facebook is now readily posting fun facts about people’s contribution and stories that inspire them. Further, the company pledged to do their part to strengthen the community and fuel the most famous social networking site. Long Live Facebook!

Source: Facebook

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