CEan KGV - Unplugged

So Ladies and gentlemen, here we are... the first CEan unplugged. Kartik Vyas right here on your platter.

Mayur: HI KGV a.k.a Kartik, you have been a valued member of CE forums. Tell us more about your self.
KGV: As you all know I am KGV I have done my Metallurgical Engineering (2005 Batch) from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. I always wanted to work with software industry (yes even while becoming a metallurgical engineer) and was fortunate enough to be hired by HSBC Global Technologies, Pune. I was with them for about an year and half. It is at HSBC, that I had an opportunity to get a lot of knowledge about the financial sector some of which the CE guys allowed me to share with the other CEans through CE Finance and CE downloads. Currently I am employed with a renowned software development company, which works in offshore product development in Telecom Domain. Those who still want to know more about me can drop in a mail at #-Link-Snipped-# and I shall be more than happy to reply.

Mayur: You are a metallurgical engineer, what influenced you to choose engineering as a career option?
KGV: If it is one thing that really influenced me to be an engineer is love of numbers. It would not be incorrect if you say love of mathematics but its love of numbers and of course the money involved that prompted me to take up engineering. I always wanted to be a software engineer but somehow ended up getting into metallurgy. You may argue that if I loved numbers so much I should have better taken up commerce as well and sometimes even I think so but then engineering has a different aura to it and hence I took a correct decision to be an engineer. I don’t think your specialization makes a lot of difference to your attitude. It’s the engineer’s attitude that our curricula (or the deficiencies in them) impart which makes us what we are - engineers and in our case Crazyengineers.

Mayur: You are working in the IT industry now, would you want to recollect some experiences while you studied metallurgy? How is it different now?
KGV: I always wanted to be in the IT industry so, even when I was in college I used to think that I will get into some IT company so I was really prepared for this change. But yes I like recalling those times, especially those in the labs near the furnaces, and those castings. It was a great experience. I also remember all those lectures in college where I just went for the sake of attendance and then there were ones in which our teachers really poured their hearts out in teaching. I still remember the Iron and steel making lectures in which really a lot was taught.

Mayur: You are also on the editorial committee of CE. How do you feel, being associated with CE?
KGV: It really is an honor to be associated with CE. Being on Editorial committee of a site with global audiences and 2700 members is really flattering. I think all the engineers can utilize CE as a platform to express themselves both technically and otherwise. I wish CE were there when I was still in college. There are so many ideas, which just enter the realms of oblivion because you hesitate to publish them due to lack of platform or any other reason. What I would like as a member of editorial board is to have a lot of people come up with ideas, articles, and write-ups and then improve their literary skills and also allow us the members of the editorial board to improve our editorial skills.

Mayur: Apart from your job as an IT professional and your stint with CE, what else do you do?
KGV: My hobbies include playing Tennis, Table Tennis, Poetry, Reading, Swimming, and Cycling, making new friends. I love to track the share markets I do it daily by watching CNBC TV 18. I like orkut and CE too. I have a huge friend circle so I spend significant amount of time with my friends too. Yes if there is one thing that I don’t prefer then it has to be watching movies in theatres. I watch about 3-4 movies an year in theatres, which is extremely low as compared to the national average.

Mayur: Okay, now is the time for some rapid fire questions.
One thing you like about CE:
KGV:Its Global and filled with crazy people like me actually one thing is too small a space to tell abt CE
I mean to fit in CE in one good thing will be doing injustice to CE
Mayur: Answer taken, well said. Now some things that you hate about CE
KGV:Less active CEans. I would love CEans to be much more active. We have immense potential together we really can make a lot of difference
Mayur:Next, One word that you think describes yourself.
KGV:King. If you asked for three those would be Kartik Girish Vyas, these three describe me completely
Mayur:Had it not been engineering, What would have been an alternate career for you?
KGV:Difficult question, maybe CA
Mayur:Okay. Name a thing that you are very proud of... an achievement you may say.
KGV: Diplomatic Answer- Being the first one to be interviewed on CE
Mayur:Taken, you want to add any thing else to this answer?
KGV:I am proud of being myself nothing in particular as yet to be proud of
Mayur:Okay... Last question. If you were to develop an engineering marvel that rocks the world, what would that be? Answer in 1 sentence
KGV:The flying saucer as the one used by Spiderman 1's enemy. I dont know his name
Mayur: Good. Thank you for talking to CE. We had a pleasure talking to you. Have a nice day and a great life!
KGV:The pleasure is all mine. Thanks a lot same to you! I am really thankful to have been presented with this opportunity by CE and I must thank CE for it.

[Note: The above interview was taken online]

Throw your questions and comments open. Like to be interviewed? write to us.


  • crook
    This is a very good initiative guys! 😀 Keep up the good work!
  • Elisa
    Nice interview! Looking forward to the next.

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