CE Bulletin: Special "One Billion Bulbs" Edition

#Posting on behalf of our editor-in-chief, Mayur#

Hello CEans,

Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. Let the new year bring lot of new ideas and inspire one and all to be the masters of innovation.

We are more than glad to announce that CE is fast approaching to be one of the popular hang out on the net. While writing this, the member count is already 1800+. On behalf of CE admin team, the editor is thankful to all the enthusiastic contributors and value adders for making CE a wonderful place to be on the net. It is because of you all that we are able to generate interest from guys like Brian Huyser (the one who brought 'one billion bulbs' ideology to reality).

Tell you more, Brian is also the founder of Symmetric Technologies Inc. Prior to this, he has had a distinguished career in IT in one of the best consulting firms in the world. Its hard to believe that this MIS specialized man from Boston, Brian is actually an Economics graduate. Its his distinguished and diversified interests that has enabled him to come up with the "One Billion Bulbs" concept. We really wish him great success and pray that all CEans get the much needed spark.

Check out Brian Huyser's exclusive talk with CEans @ www.CrazyEngineers.com


1. Keeping in line with the new mantra of the year, "Being Innovative and adding Value", we have decided to acknowledge 3 fellow CEans and honor them with special as follows –

# xHeavenlyx- CEan Techie
# Desijays - CEan Techie
# Kidakaka - CEan Value Adder

2. CE editorial team will be formally incorporated in the month of January, 2007. All those who wish to contribute online, are requested to send a mail to the editor : mayur (at) crazyengineers (dot) com

:HOT on CE:

1. Brain Food : Puzzle Busters Corner –

2. Creativity Explode: Design AD for CrazyEngineers -

3. CompuFix: Ask the Experts -

4.Money Matter(s) –

That’s all from CE Editorial. Have a month full of ideas & actions!


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  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak
    Thank you Mr. Big K.

    Guys and gals, from this month onwards, we will be seriously working on the editorial stuff. All those who wish to contribute for a long term value are invited. I will be more that glad to have you handle the content on CE from now on.

    So please reply!

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