• praveen


    MemberJul 28, 2006

    CAT (Common Admission Test)

    Please write down the important Common Admission Test books that useful to study and prepare for the exam
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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorJul 28, 2006

    'Suggestions & Feedback' section is for comments realted to our forum. Moving the thread to 'Help Me!' section.

    For the quants basics, I'd recommend book by R.S. Agarwal. The best way to prepare for CAT is to join a coaching institute.

    Professional Tutorials & Career Launcher have best material (that's what I heard) & TIME has the best test series for CAT.

    -The Big K-
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  • integratdbrains

    MemberJul 31, 2006

    Yes you should

    Do not over look the fact that CAT is regarded as the most toughest exam for getting into management stream.And for making you sail smoothly please enroll yourself for some good coaching institute. There are a number of institutes in the market some are IMS,career forum,career launcher,TIME.Donot step into the institute blindly do alot of research as to which institute has a good, PRACTICAL schedule and good faculty for teaching the innovative ways that you need to be master at to over come the time constraint. The success of these coaching institutes is varient from city to city.Remember their success in one city doesnot make them universal rulers! A lot of books and wesites are in the market to guide you.You need to take up books which are general i mean which emphasis on all the sections.So GO and BELL the CAT ! 😁
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  • SudhaKar Arjunan

    MemberJan 5, 2007

    You can download or get references to those required books on

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    Even not resolved ,

    send me mail,

    Sure I will post all those info's over your Acknowledge in minutes.

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