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Case study on piezoelectric harvesting mat

Hello sir, This is rahul. I am doing a project titled "piezoelectric harvesting mat". The concept of this is whenever you step on that mat, it generates certain milli volts and that energy is getting stored in a rechargeable battery. So what we are doing is.. We are preparing a mat of 216 by 55cms(7 by 2 feet) mat... Filled with 480 piezoelectric disc's.. And the problem we are facing is.. Our staff is considering this as a minor project.. N they want us to do case studies... But I want prove them that this can be a startup.. A new alternative source of energy... I hope you people can helpe out... In case studies or in any other issues 

Case studies like.. How many foot steps are required to charge a battery.. 

What is the maximum weight that it can bare.. 

What is the maximum voltage.. 

Like these questions.. 

And if there is any extension I could add further 

Hoping out for a good response 

Thank you all..! 

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Mar 1, 2019

@Mandar Tulankar  is the best guy on CrazyEngineers to help you with it. Mandar, if you are around, could you offer some help here?

@rahul thandu Great idea, man. I read in an article that 3 hours of smartphone battery power is the equivalent to walking 10,000 steps or cycling for an hour, or going for a 30-minute run. Not sure if it's true though. What are your readings so far?

Not done with the hardware yet... Once done.. Will start case studies. 

Doing research.. Collecting data from various available sources... 

Read a paper about piezoelectric tiles in kuala Lumpur... Seems beneficial to our project. 

I had the same idea for my school project, the problem was they DON'T SELL piezoelectric generators in my country so i had to change it, i wish you told us how the project is going and gives us more information 

Thank you 

@Ramani Aswath sir can I get any information about the people who performed this project(in the 2nd link) 

You have to contact them through instructables only.

Send a message through the message button.

Thank you sir. 

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