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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorJan 4, 2008

    Hi Naveen,

    Welcome to CE 😀 . Good to know that you are concerned about your career and want to know which field to opt for.

    There can be an easy answer to this, or an answer/conclusion generated after thorough discussion/analysis.

    Let's go with the later option. First of all, would you mind telling us why you want to do MBA? We recently published our chat with CEan - Kidakaka who's an MBA from IIM - I. I guess you should read the chat available at following location -

    <a href="">CrazyEngineers</a>

    I hope it will be of some help to you.

    -The Big K-
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    MemberJan 4, 2008

    Lol man !
    You are still going to a forest to cut the trees for wood to make a boat and still wondering how to swim if my boat develops a leak.
    You are in 3rd year,first you have clear 3rd year,then 4th year then placements then MBA prep,then some good B-school then one year in B-school then you have to select a specialization.
    First year of a B school is generic,in 2nd year u have to choose a field.
    Its more than 2-3 years of work,by the time you will reach there u will automatically get to know in what field you want to go in.
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  • Prasad Ajinkya

    MemberJan 6, 2008

    Agree with Lord_EC 😀

    Naveen, there are quite a few questions which you should be asking yourself (this will also prepare youself for the interviews to come). Questions such as, why engineering why mba? what do i want to do 5 yrs from now on? Its not general gyaan, but these things will help you get that focus.

    Have you first decided on your BE electives? If so, are they going to help you in any way when you start working? Have your placements started, how are you faring in them? Are you sure that you want to do an mba without any work experience below your belt? Once you manage to answer all these questions, and get into an mba, you can later decide which branch you want to target.

    Generally, the top rung b-schools allow you to take your electives in the second year itself. So that you get a broad based perspective in the first year which enables you to make the right choices for you in the second year.

    effectively, what I am trying to say, is that the bridge is too far to commit at this stage, focus on the near future decisions of your life 😀
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