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Carbyn - A HTML 5 based OS

Question asked by vignesh in #Coffee Room on Sep 17, 2011
vignesh · Sep 17, 2011
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The new HTML5 is what making people excited these days but this excitement may cross the limits when facebook opens its Project Spartan a platform for the new HTML5 apps.[​IMG]
But a new startup has already gone a step ahead and has built an entire OS supportingHTML5. They call it CARBYN. This being with the HTML5 there is no need to install anything and it will work perfectly well with any new browser except for older version of IE.  All that is required is to log into the carbyn and everything will start working.

The interface to this is totally new and after loading the OS any app can be pinned to the main screen. Even the older app can be used, using a wrapper. There is a SDk for all this and the team says that they can make any app work within half an hour.

The main question that now arises is how this is different from anything like the chrome web store. The answer is that Chrome is just a store with lots of HTML5 apps but it is not an OS to run them. It simply means that it runs in the browser itself and when the app is closed just one more tab is closed but when carbyn app is closed the user is taken back to the main home screen.


The other plus point of carbyn is that it can run anywhere with a modern web browser may it be PC or phones unlike the chrome web store that works only on chrome.

The carbyn people feel that facebook Project Spartan will also face the similar problem as the chrome i.e. it will me only for the parent company means only for facebook.

Carbyn is now trying to establish links with companies to develop apps for them.  The best part of all these event is that it was developed by just 5 employees and has been entirely self funded. They are trying to raise themselves some fund to do more in this field.

Source TechCrunch Posted in: #Coffee Room

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