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shawnmk123 • May 17, 2009

capacitor stuff

how does one decide whether a capacitor is a differentiator or inductor??
the capacitor equation is i = cdv/dt....or equivalently v =(1/c)(integral)i???

i know this is lame..but....i am helpless??
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • May 18, 2009
Capacitor Stores the energy in the form of Voltage and Inductor in form of Current....
Rifaa • May 18, 2009
kekekeke.. it should be a differentiator or integrator ( not Inductor)
It's how the RC circuit is used that determines it's function.
Differentiator produces positive and negative spikes from an applied square wave, and a integrator, produces a ramp up trangular wave form.
U can understand it better with a scope
shawnmk123 • May 18, 2009
oh sheesh ...mistake

but i still didnt get do i decide whether a given circuit is a differentaitor or integrator..?? do bode plots help??
Rifaa • May 18, 2009
Check this it will clear you doubts
Differentiator and integrator circuits : OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS

shawnmk123 • May 19, 2009
hey..yeah...its sort of cleared...i'll come bak...
Rifaa • May 19, 2009
Glad do here it.
they always do.

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