Canonical Chose Mir Over Wayland. Is It Matter Of Concern ?

Since last 8-10 months Canonical developers are working on Mir display server(Which is fork of Wayland). While everyone's embracing Wayland, Ubuntu is going for Mir. Maybe Ubuntu's choice is correct as Wayland doesn't fulfills Canonical's requirement (Of single OS running across Tablets, Smartphones, Desktops & Netbooks)

On other hand, Gnome & KDE which are currently on X, will soon be ported to Wayland. These two is the major Opensource community with heavy Project activity & huge amount of commits since last 15 years is going for Wayland/Weston & not Mir.

Also, Intel currently withdrawn their hands from Mir & ubuntu is now on their own as no other distro is planning to move onto Mir. Intel's withdraw is major concern, I guess intel withdraw to maintain XMir patches & not Mir.

However, do you think that Canonical's selection of display server & Mark shuttleworth's dream will be harmful for Ubuntu ?

CEans, I would like to know your opinion (& some more information) on this. I have basic newbie level knowledge for display servers (whether it is X, Wayland/Weston or Mir).


  • Pensu
    I read the news about Intel's withdrawn a few weeks ago. It is a big blow. Support of one of the biggest kernel contributor could really have been helpful in future. But I guess Canonical has always been good with new ideas. They have performed well with Unity. Though I have read some negative reviews about licencing of Mir. It's GPL-3, I guess. Gotta wait and watch, how this turns out!
  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    I think Intel rejected to maintain XMir patches upstream but not Mir. XMir patches is clearly not a work that should be bothered by Intel, it's Canonical's job to maintain it.
    Intel wouldn't act like this if XMir would've been used by more than one distro, which certainly ain't gonna happen as GNOME & KDE is moving for Wayland/Weston.
    Mir should've been licensed to GPLv2, that's the best license out there.

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