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Mahesindai • Jul 3, 2012

Can we use nitrogen as a fuel

Hello friends,
i have a idea about alternative fuel source in atmosphere more nitrogen available so why can't we nitrogen as a fuel source.
i have knowledge about in 70k temperature nitrogen goes to liquid form so on that time we insert to the cylinder and the atm temperature the nitrogen expand due to conversion of liquid to gases state .

give your suggestion to do this one.
Ammar Aziz
Ammar Aziz • Jul 4, 2012
nitrogen is an inert gas in combustion sense as compared to oxygen. it does not burn as easily as other fuels also the combustion products of nitrogen are nitrogen oxides which are highly poisonous and can seriously affect the atmosphere
Amith Gupta
Amith Gupta • Jul 4, 2012
actually nitrogen is unstable at room temperature.. and so it exists as a gas ! which is the vapor form, that means it has already boiled. ! and to maintain it in a frozen temp, you would require a refridgerator and for that an extra power it comes up to be inefficient !
Mahesindai • Jul 5, 2012
Thanks friends..... then which one a better alternative fuel for upcoming years can we use in automobile.
Amith Gupta
Amith Gupta • Jul 5, 2012
that depends on the calorific value of whatever is being used.. that is why ethanol is being mixed with diesel ...also called as biodiesel. Whichever fuel gives u a good calorific value and a chance of complete combustion is good enough for automobiles!
jaspal rautela
jaspal rautela • Jul 5, 2012
can we use LPG as a fuel to drive the vechile?
Mahesindai • Jul 5, 2012
LPG is the old method and to cost also too high so only we are searching for new type of alternative fuel


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