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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 8, 2008

Can technology solve all our problems?

I've been thinking about this topic. Can technology solve most of, if not all, the problems mankind is facing today? Think about it!

I believe, yes - it can solve most of the problems; but at the same time, I believe it would lead to new problems.

What is your take?
silverscorpion • Oct 8, 2008
I remember a line from Angels and demons by Dan Brown. I dont know the exact rendering, but it goes like this.

Kohler, the scientist would say "Science is striving to solve all the problems of the world and to make this world a better place to live in."

For that, the camerlengo would say, "You forget that it was science which created most of the problems in the first place. Using science to solve them would only lead to more problems in the future."

Now that is very true. My opinion is that technology can surely solve all our problems provided we dont keep on accumulating new problems as solutions to older ones are found. for that to be achieved, the speed at which technology is progressing must be reduced. it must be regulated. Instead of spending billions in weapons development and suff like cloning and genetic modofication, we can use it for some other useful research work. progressing this way, I think we can solve all our problems using technology.
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Oct 8, 2008
Indeed, its why they termed things like "sustainable" development.

Same concept can be applied for technological advances. If your philosophy and intention for a device good, and it is transparent and adhered to throughout the development process, technology will solve problems with minimal consequences.

But the main issue is: What is considered a problem to one may not be a problem to another, and the other way round. Hacking can be good, or it can be bad.

Using silverscorpion's example, weapons development is very viable solution to some. Its obviously not if you are at the wrong end of the "gun".

You'd need a certain consensus on what would be considered a "problem" and what a solution can be that can satisfy all.
No technology can only assist in solving the problem,but it will not be solution to all the problems,u think technology can take care of current financial crunch!!!
erabhishekvashi • Oct 9, 2008
ya, it's true that a problem caused by technology generates more problem, nut it's also true that it is technology that have changed the world, there are both positive and negative sides of technology, but our effort should not be against the technolgy, but to improve the benefits of technology, and to find out the solutions of the problems generated by technolgy,
so, lets create new technolgies, and more technolgies for the problems caused by technogies....
prakash.athani • Oct 9, 2008
Science and technology is like a sword which has two sharp edges. One edge can bring prosperity by killing poverty, illeteracy, lack of knowlwedge etc,and other edge can bring destruction. Technology itself does't understand whether it's for good or evil. It all depends the hands in which technology is in.
anki_0305 • Oct 11, 2008
Albiet technology is helpful to humans, but at the sametime we must ensure that it do not afffect the ecology system.

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