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harshinde • Jan 12, 2009

Can sonar concept be used for detection with low frequency waves?

i had this doubt of whether sonar tech concept could be used with other low frequency waves other than that btw 20hz to 20000hz. if it could be used how would it affect the human and also the animals response to it?
there wont be any issues since we are already living in multiple frequency environment,but since they are must be audible,20Hz to 20KHz has been selected as frequency at that range is audible to human beings.
silverscorpion • Jan 12, 2009
Well, I'm not sure if I'm correct, but still, I'll take a shot.
I think only if the frequency is between 20Hz to 20000 Hz we can call it SONAR.
If it's less, we should call it infrasonic navigation and ranging.
Similarly for higher frequencies, Ultrasonic navigation and ranging.

PS : I dont know if this terminology is right of if such things exist.
Yea, scorpion is right.

Different frequency transmissions need different designs of transmitters and receivers. You cannot use tx/rx equipment designed for sonar frequencies to be used in others 😀

You can use other frequencies, but they can only work in specific environment and with specific equipment (e.g. propagation speed). In terms of effecting animals, you'll need to know their peak response for a given frequency. No frequency on it's own would "hurt" anyone.. it depends on the amplitude as well.
harshinde • Jan 13, 2009
thanks ppl. im actually thinking of building a device which uses the sonar concept and helps the blind to navigate through crowded places. so i was trying to reduce the size of the tx/rx units by choosing lower frequencies. can this concept work?

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