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Can power be generated with the ceiling fan?

If yes,

    Whether it can be done using magnets? Or any other Suggesstions?

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 7, 2019

A little more explanation of your question / idea will help us give better answers.

I am a Final year Instrumentation student. I've gone through the problem statement that states "Fans are used across regions ( Urban / Rural ) and considering rural mkt penetration is still relatively low where power problems are still there , we can think of Fan which can store energy and which can be useful either in (a) no power condition or (b) can be used to use stored energy for some other application requiring energy. This will be cost effective / energy saver for end user point of view"

My idea is to use magnets and coil for power generation. That is the coil winding is fixed and the magnet is rotated (Magnet is fixed on the head of the fan which gets rotated when fan rotates ). The magnetic flux cuts and generates power.

Whether this works?

It seems to be a Rube Goldberg invention.

Why on earth would anyone use that method? Why not use available standby supply of a battery and inverter?

The suggested method will have a poor efficiency, interfere with the primary function of the fan and be very cumbersome. How will the energy be stored for use when there is no power?

I thought of storing the generated power in the rechargable batteries.

The ouput is that,

The stored energy can be used in small applications like Charging mobiles, Glowing a bulb, etc.,.

Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Jan 7, 2019

When I was in 8th class. I asked similar question. If we can use create dynamo from motor which is running on electricity. We can get infinite power. 

The problem is, your solution defy the law of conservation of energy. A fan is consuming electricity and you want rotating fan to generate that back electricity from fan rotation. If you try to do so, your output dynamo try to stop rotating in order to consume flux to create electricity. More over, loss in conversion has to take into account. This is like you are running in circle, going nowhere and wasting your energy.

However, similar power generation used in  electric/hybrid card, known as Regenerative Braking to save the power of friction during breaking and use it later.

@Hariii Haripriya , if your fan is running on electricity, the same source can power the battery inverter circuit. Running a fan and converting that back into electricity is wasteful as @Anoop Kumar says.

தலையை சுத்தி மூக்கை தொடுவானேன்? Why go round the head to touch the nose?

We thought of " Using the mechanical energy of the fan to generate electrical energy"

We've selected this topic. So we're helpless in changing it Sir. @Ramani Aswath nd @Anoop Kumar ? .

So Am searching for an alternative idea in this. 

Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Jan 7, 2019

 You can choose different topic like regenerating energy while breaking the cycle, when cycle going downhill and charge the battery which can be used to power the cycle.

If you go ahead with current topic. Change the outcome.

1. Conclude this is not possible to get infinite energy with circling 

2. Even if someone build such system. Find out what is optimal electricity you can generate back.

But such project might not be acceptable by your professor. 

I n 1960 in my first job at the Central Electro Chemical Research Institute we had an old motor genset that used a motor running on 220 volts AC to generate low voltage high current DC to run electrolytic cells. This was before the days of solid state electronics.

You can perhaps attach a bicycle generator to the shaft of the fan and show that you can generate DC of a different voltage.–generator

For about Rs.1500 you can get a ready made DC generator. You can try coupling it with your fan and demonstrate your concept.

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